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MobiCart Makeover

Fasten your seatbelts, MobiCart is undergoing a serious makeover with YOU, our customers, as the focal point!

All our upgrades are designed to give our customers the complete user experience, from design changes and bug fixes down to improving our support for our customers.

1) Every makeover begins with a fresh new modern feel; check out our new website now at!

Our new website is not only upgraded visually, the layout has been completely redesigned to allow potential clients easy access to the information they require, quickly and efficiently.

2) Beauty is only skin deep, but not with MobiCart. Aside from upgrading our website’s look, we have also released a tutorial feature that is guaranteed to make life easier for first-time users of MobiCart.
In addition, descriptions of each function have been redone to avoid confusion.
It is actually possible now to get your test app ready within 5 minutes!

3) MobiCart is an international and global product, and we are going bilingual with our app. With a simple click of a button, convert the entire website interface AND mobile app that you generate into the language of your choosing.

Do you prefer to read english but still need an app that is in your desired language? Just click the “mobile” version of the language! Its easy AND convenient!

Look forward to more big changes from MobiCart in the coming months!
1) Bilingual mobile app: Switch between English and your mother tongue language with a click of a button.
2) More languages coming soon: Indonesian, Thai, Hindi and many more! (also, you do not need to wait for MobiCart to release the new languages; you can easily input your desired language into the text boxes and publish them yourself)
3) Brand new mobile app design! (Existing customers will have access to both old and new designs after this is released, to prevent inconveniencing our customers.)

MobiCart’s User Interface Reimagined

MobiCart is working to improve the overall user experience by redesigning the UI of the application on all mobile platforms. We want to provide the best mobile experience possible for your customers, by providing improved user interface options for a wide range of retail categories, including:

  • Clothing/Fashion
  • F&B
  • Art & Culture
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Animals & Pets
  • Business & Services
  • Travel
  • Cars & Motorcycles

We want your store to have the look and feel you need. Look forward to these and many other changes in the coming months!

Mobicart receives investment from Singapore-based Incubator, Get2Volume

Partners with Sprooki to fuel the roll-out of MobiCart’s next-gen platform and position for rapid growth in m-commerce

Singapore, January 19, 2014 – M-commerce pioneer MobiCart today announced that the company has received incubation funding and support from Singapore-based incubator and investor Get2Volume, has moved its headquarters to Singapore and has added an experienced mobile commerce team and has partnered with mobile commerce leader Sprooki to enable rapid m-commerce growth.

MobiCart is a simple way to build and manage m-commerce stores as a native or web app. MobiCart enables anyone to quickly deploy a native storefront application on iOS and Android devices as well as HTML5. MobiCart combines a customized application development platform with an online ecosystem for sharing extensions.

Michael Holt, CEO of Get2Volume, said: “We see significant demand for mobile-first commerce solutions. Mobicart has developed the leading mobile commerce platform which enables shoppers to buy where and when they like using mobile phones and tablets. Get2Volume is excited to fund and incubate Mobicart. With an expanded mobile commerce team and expansion to Asia, Mobicart will further continue to grow it’s enterprise customer base from its current 16,000 customers.”

Sprooki Managing Director, Claire Mula and Head of Technology, Geogy Zachariah, will oversee the development and roll-out of Mobicart’s next-generation enterprise platform, with no change to their current roles at Sprooki. Sprooki provides Asia’s largest malls and leading retailers with a white-label location-based retail system they can use on a daily basis to win more customers. There is high demand for m-commerce and Mobile shopping cart technology from retailers in Asia, who are Sprooki’s Enterprise clients. A commercial partnership between Mobicart and Sprooki is highly complimentary and positions both companies well for rapid global growth in m-commerce.

Meet and Greet MobiCart

If you fancy meeting up with MobiCart over a beer or two to chat about business, then head to Newcastle for a new boozing and shaking event that launches next month.

Following in the footsteps of the success of February’s Pub Summit, which saw the North East’s thriving tech scene come together to meet like-minded start-ups, investors, media and advisers to talk shop over a drink, a new event – Startup Beers – will begin on May 9.

The event is open to anyone interested in startups and other digital adventures and gives North East-based businesses the chance to catch up and collaborate over beers provided by cloud-based email service, Sendgrid. Martyn Davies, of Sengrid, will also be on hand to talk about all things email.

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MobiCart V2 sneak peek: iPhone screenshots

001 - Home v1Development on MobiCart V2 continues to pick up pace and today, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what our new iPhone app will look like.

To celebrate the half-way countdown to the launch of our new, enhanced m-commerce app builder, we’re giving you a monthly sneak peek at what’s in store when it hits the shelves in the third quarter of this year.

Last month, we revealed a series of additional features that MobiCart V2 offers which you can find below.

This month, you can take a look at the new iPhone screenshots for MobiCart V2 by visiting.

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