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M-commerce – A roundup of the best stats (Issue 9)

M-commerce spend is booming

Brits spend £7.5bn via mobile in 2012

M-commerce to quadruple to $31bn in next five years

EBay and PayPal to report $20bn each in 2013 m-commerce, mobile payments

Smartphone trends – from PC to mobile

A total of 58% of affluent consumers use smartphones while watching TV

A reported 37% of consumers switched from their PC to a mobile device

Mobile growth rockets as device activations double in 30 countries

Mobile commerce fosters brand loyalty

Consumers spent six times as much time in retailer apps in December compared to the previous year

iPhone users dominate the m-commerce market

Mobile shopping apps foster both brand discovery and loyalty

One response to “M-commerce – A roundup of the best stats (Issue 9)

  1. Smart Local Media April 3, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Thank you for the fantastic assortment of links to current and relevant posts. I found them all interesting and appreciated the data regarding Android dominating the market in numbers but Apple IOS dominating in those purchasing. With all of the attention to Androids steady rise it helps us guide our Clients as to why we are diligent about getting their Apps into the ITunes Store.

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